End of the Earth

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End of the EarthA distinct ethnic group in lands not considered near to us.

Little Bee’s School Contact: BT Office

Through the logistical support of Feed the Children and financial support of BT McAllen, the 243 children attending the school will be fed each day. This support allows for Feed the Children to provide the needed sanitation and facility development at the school. The school will continue enrolling, educating, and graduating the children in grades kinder- seventh grade. Within the community, unity is developed between the student’s parents and utilized to establish revenue generating projects to contribute to their survival. Creating continuity within the community is what Little Bee’s accomplishes by supplying immediate need for nutrition  nd the present/ future development of the children. This development is not simply successful from the worldly perspective but primarily successful spiritually by His Grace.

Adopt A Village Contact: Barbara Brandt

Discipleship Union Ministries Contact: Bro. Augustine Joseph

Project Assegai Contact: Michael Mosely

Blue Skies Contact: Ingo Tophoven

Ingo Tophoven considers the Germans an unreached people group at this time. Ingo established a bi-lingual faith-based marriage and family counseling center in Berlin. Teaching (Equipping) local churches and new church plants. This ministry helps connect American ministries with German Ministries/Churches. Blue Skies also participates in short term mission trips into Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Heart of God Contact: Steven Obst

Shawqi Alhakeem in Bahrain Contact: Mark Masso at mnkmasso@gmail.com